I should follow Steve’s thought

Back on 29th September 2011 I released my first solo album. I had been releasing music prior to this, as part of other bands, but this was my very first solo record, with all songs written, composed, arranged and produced by me — as well as playing most of the instruments.

It wasn’t intended as a real album: I found these songs amongst the others I had written by then, and since they seemed to link up one another pretty well I decided to record them before moving on to writing others. They probably have a common theme, for I had written them within six or seven months altogether, so they must have imbibed what was wandering through my mind during that time.

I can describe it as a collection of raw, unworldly songs which explore and combine together a mixture of folk, blues, psychedelic and rock to tell stories about introspection, unrequited love and hope.

It was my first take on writing/arranging and producing an album, with the recording process done with the help of a good friend of mine, although none of us was extremely experienced nor skilled in this kind of task.

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