On the 21st of October 2014, about 3 years after its predecessor, I released my second album record: “Changes”. Like for “Steve’s thought”, I have written, composed, arranged and produced all the songs, as well as playing most of the instruments. This time though I decided to handle the recording process all by myself, something that allowed me to better orient the work towards the spaces I wanted to reach.

The record a concept-album based around the journey through a young man’s mind. The album is a rock opera that narrates the story of a man who, tired of the dullness and frustration of his current life, decides to leave his country but soon realises that just changing place is not enough. It will only be after an intimate and deep walk through his mind that he’ll manage to overcome his demons, and finally enjoy the beauty of life. The music uses a wide variety of styles as it follows the development of the story to help explore the character’s psychology, highlighting the various moods that accompany his road to discovery.

I was aiming to make some sort of movie off it, which I somehow started, but then it was taking too long and new music that I was writing began to move my focus on a new album, so I stopped there. Maybe if I’ll find a good director, one day, it will start again.

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Informal session, pt. 1

About a year after the release of my first solo album, I was already working on a second record, but since it was taking a bit longer than I though to get it to the level I was aiming for, I decided to pick up an acoustic guitar and play, in the game-sense of the term, with some of the songs off the previous record. And I did it with a mic open in front of me.

The result is “Informal session, pt. 1”, released on the 13th October 2012, a 4-track acoustic EP recorded live in studio. I decided to have a “pt. 1” in the name because I had enough fun doing it that I thought I’d do another one after the following record.

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